Axis Counselling

Axis Counselling provide counselling services to those within the Shropshire area who have suffered childhood abuse.

Axis phones

Axis Counselling have two sites, in Shrewsbury and Telford, and offer free and confidential support to those who need it within Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, and the surrounding areas.

The Problem

Axis Counselling have two teams, working from two different locations. They were utilising multiple phone systems, including BT Cloud and Voipfone. The combination of mixed phone systems meant team members were unable to transfer calls between sites, affecting productivity. What they required was a full upgrade of their phone systems from landline to a cloud based VoIP system.

Axis chose to work with Start Tech thanks to a previous working relationship with Managing Director, Ian Groves. When the time came to upgrade their system, Ian was the first person Axis contacted.

The Solution

We installed two new Fibre to the Cabinet (FFTC) lines at both sites, which replaced the organisations existing DSL connection. Throughout both the Telford and Shrewsbury site, we upgraded their phone systems with 30 new units, including DECT cordless phones for use within the dedicated counselling rooms.

This uniform solution allows the teams to communicate effectively with one another, across the two sites, and seamlessly transfer calls as required. All phone units and software were installed at both sites, on the same day, reducing downtime and limiting any lost calls as a result of the system switch.

By upgrading their phone systems, Axis Counselling were also readily prepared for remote working from home, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff were able to work effectively, and safely, through the use of a mobile software app that was included with their 3CX phone systems.

The Outcome

Our project management skills and ability to work efficiently meant we were able to complete this project without hindering Axis Counselling’s connectivity.

The implementation of a messaging service that sends an email in response to a message ensures that clients receive a response straight away, giving peace of mind. Clients have responded positively to the new system change, have not been inconvenienced and have noted how appreciative they are of the new, seamless service that Axis Counselling have been able to provide.

Axis are now confident in their telephone system and ability to provide an efficient and timely service to their client base. Along with a significantly improved telephone system, Axis are saving around 40% a month compared to their old system!


“I asked Start Tech to give us a quote to completely re-do our phone system from landline to VoIP. Many years ago, I had worked with Ian, as part of another Organisation. When the opportunity came for us to modernise and streamline our phone system, he was the first person I contacted.
We have 2 offices in Shrewsbury and Telford. So, to complete the whole project without disruption to our Charity Service, was going to need a military style operation!
Jordon was brilliant nothing was too much trouble. He led the project from beginning to end over several weeks. First to port the numbers, to change over from the previous provider to START. It took one day for Jordon and Todd to completely install the system and VoIP phones in both sites. The efficiency and professionalism was second to none.
This all took place in March 2020, just when everyone was going into lockdown for the coronavirus, we all had to work remotely away from the offices. Nothing phased Jordon, he organised everyone to download the 3CX App, so that we could use the system via our mobile phones, in order to keep phone costs down. And set up the message service, so that an email was sent, and the message responded to straight away. Clients have not been put off or inconvenienced and have appreciated the seamless service we have been able to provide. This is all largely due to the confidence in our telephone system.” – Irene Ferguson, Operations Manager

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