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Now, more than ever, we’re embracing remote working. Business owners – and their employees – have been forced to adapt their way of working in order to stay productive and keep their businesses afloat and following recent months, many employers have seen the benefits of the new way to work. As many teams start to work together – apart – it’s never been more important to keep team members connected and talking, and for your team to have secure means in which to keep in touch with your own customer base. Most businesses will already have invested in mobile phone devices for their organisation but more often than not, they may have looked at the best data deal and latest handset with all the bells and whistles and forgotten an important aspect of their purchase – security.

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Some of the biggest data security threats business owners face when using mobile devices for work include;

Network Spoofing

This is when a hacker creates a fake network that can look like a Wi-Fi network, but is actually a trap to steal your device data. The spoof could be dressed as something that looks innocent, such as ‘Free Coffee Wi-Fi’ and will request users to create an ‘account’ which provides them with direct access to your device data.

Unsecure Wi-Fi

The ability to connect to some form of Wi-Fi wherever we go is a new luxury we expect – who wants to be eating through data if there’s free Wi-Fi!? But many of these networks are not secure and anything from your social media information to your VoIP conversations could be compromised.

Unintentional data leakage from mobile apps

Some apps can send personal and professional data to remote servers where it could be mined by advertisers or even hackers.


As most mobile devices are always on they can become prone to phishing attacks. Experts believe that we’re most vulnerable when opening their emails as often, we open these in real-time as they pop up on our phones.

Tackle the hassle out of trying to manage your phone security

If you’re worried about your existing business mobile device package, or you’re looking to invest in this for your business, the above information can be quite daunting. That’s where we come in. We can provide you with an excellent EE phone bundle for your team which not only gives you the handsets and data you need. Using MobileIron, we can also ensure that the right restrictions are in place to keep your devices – and data – secure and provide access to a client portal that allows you to monitor phone use in real-time. We’ll take the hassle out of trying to manage your phone security, data usage and set up – whether your team prefers Android or iOS. And as MobileIron creates a secure environment, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your data and business information won’t be leaked or lost.

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