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We’ll keep your email communications running safely and securely to protect you from the latest phishing threats.

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In today’s world, every business, no matter its size, uses email as a primary application for communicating both internally and externally. The knock-on effects of Covid-19 and the dramatic shift towards remote working, however, now means we are more reliant on email than ever before.

Whilst electronic means of communication certainly have their benefits, email has become a massive attack surface for hackers to exploit. With email communication such a prevalent part of our working day, cybercriminals know this method is a real opportunity to harm your business and get their hands on private company data. Hackers are persistent and commit attachment, phishing and URL attacks to hundreds of businesses across hundreds of industries daily.

Faced with a constant threat of targeted attacks, it’s time for businesses of all sizes to get serious about email security.


Email Threat Protection

An estimated 90% of cyberattacks that result in a data breach begin from a phishing email.

How does it work?

Our Email Threat Protection software provides a layer of additional protection to safeguard small and medium-sized enterprises from security threats.

  • Signature-based Anti-Virus: blocks all known viruses, and heuristic scanning discovers and protects against unprecedented viruses.
  • Spam Filtering: analyses hundreds of attributes in every email to prevent malicious content from reaching your inbox.
  • Content Filtering: enforces email communication policies to protect against email-bourne threats.
  • Email Impostor Fraud Protection: protects against cyber attacks orchestrated from impersonating company email addresses.
  • Outbound Filtering: sends emails through a platform free from viruses, malware and other malicious content.
  • Data Loss Prevention: blocks data loss and
  • Email Encryption: reduces the potential negative impacts of data loss by automatically encrypting your emails.
  • Social Media Account Protection: monitors your social media accounts for unusual activity.
  • Zero-Hour Threat Detection: protects users against new email threats as soon as they arise.

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