Jargon Buster: Brandjacking

Brand + hijacking = Brandjacking. Get to learn about the new cybersecurity threat posing a risk to the reputation and online safety of businesses.

Brand Jacking
The internet: A weird and wonderful place

Today, many companies are on social channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) actively using and update their accounts daily. Establishing a brand presence across multiple channels enables businesses to connect with customers and promote their products or services – sounds great, right? Well, not always. Whilst social media can provide a wave of exciting opportunities, it can also expose brands to a number of threats too, including brandjacking.

What is brandjacking?

The world of the internet has made it relatively simple to hijack a corporate brand’s online presence. It’s pretty easy to set up a social media account impersonating a particular brand or service and jeopardise their legitimacy and brand reputation.

Cybersecurity experts refer to this new trend as “brandjacking” – a term used to define an activity whereby someone assumes the online identity of a legitimate business. Think of brandjacking to be a bit like catfishing but for organisations (rather than individuals).

Brandjacking isn’t just an activity limited to social media. Think about it – have you ever received an email from a company asking you to take action? Upon further inspection, however, you soon realise that the email is not authentic and is actually a scammer impersonating a brand in an attempt to obtain your sensitive information.

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