Loud Mouth Phones and Start Technology announce merger

Two Shrewsbury-based companies, Start Technology and Loud Mouth Phones, are merging to form the new re-branded Start Tech from spring 2020.

With Loud Mouth Phones’ expertise with telephony and Start Technology’s experience with IT systems, the merger guarantees a stronger workforce, a more exceptional skillset and the benefits of decades of experience.

“Both companies have worked well together side-by-side over the years, with shared values and a shared client base, and we now look forward to working together as one company”, explains Ian Groves, Director of Start Tech.

“With nearly three decades of experience between the two companies, the newly merged Start Tech brings together the expertise of both to offer the very best service for our clients.”

The merger means a more consistent and reliable service for clients as they benefit from one contract for both their IT and phone system, as well as the increased convenience of having a single supplier for both.

Both companies have successfully supported their clients through various developments in technology over the years. Loud Mouth were early adopters of the now ubiquitous VoIP telephone systems, while Start Technology has seen dramatic changes to the way IT systems function in the workplace.

With the progress of technology seeing IT and phone systems increasingly converging, the time was right for the two to come together as one Start Tech, to give the best possible future-proof service for clients.

Ian Groves added, “after a period of sustained growth for both companies year-on-year, we are now in a position to action a new website and branding to show current and potential clients the range of services that we provide to help their businesses thrive.”

“We are looking forward to our bright future together as Start Tech.”

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