Preventing cyberattacks whilst WFH

Amid a national lockdown, more employees and working professionals now find themselves adapting to doing their job from home than ever before. With our dependency on technology at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to prevent security threats. Whilst you’re busy working through your to-do list, cybercriminals are also working to access your systems and steal confidential data.

Be wary of how you’re communicating

Avoid informal social platforms, such as Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp for business purposes. These are not designed to be a business communication channel and are subsequently easier to steal data from. When sharing sensitive or financial information, it’s always best to take these conversations offline and discuss these matters through a face-to-face meeting or a telephone call.

Don’t become a victim of a phishing attack

Phishing a type of cybercrime often orchestrated through email or text message. Often disguised as a message from a legitimate institution (e.g., a bank or a utility provider), the content will attempt to lure the receiver into providing sensitive data including banking details and passwords. These days, phishing techniques are extremely common and pretty sophisticated – in fact, 85% of organisations suffer phishing attacks.

Whilst working from home, it’s vital that you’re even more aware of phishing attacks. Ensure your spam folder is activated, and trust your gut. Banks and utility providers will never ask you to provide your personal data this way.

Top tip: If a link is in an email, hover over the URL first so you can preview the link. Secure websites with a valid Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate begin with “https”.

Secure your passwords

If you’re not already using a password manager, you definitely should. A password manager allows you to store login details and confidential data, such as credit card information, in one secure vault. With fast access and the ability to store hundreds of unique passwords, a password manager is an excellent way to avoid data breaches and compromised account hacking. Even better, you no longer need to worry about memorising lots of different passwords or fall victim to the dangers of re-using the same one for everything!

We’re here to help

As your first line of defence, we protect your sensitive data to offer you complete peace of mind. Don’t let your company become an easy target! Contact us today for a free security consultation.

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