Start Tech takes care of the supply, repair and maintenance of your equipment for the life of the product.

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When it comes to buying the right equipment for your company, the options can feel overwhelming. Start Tech can supply the most suitable equipment for all of your company’s IT and telecom needs. Beyond just phones and computers, we also provide items such as speakers, televisions, projectors, scanners, conferencing equipment, and much more.

When you get your equipment from us, we commit to a relationship for the life of that product. We deal with all returns, repairs and maintenance of all equipment supplied. We then get it back to you as quickly as possible and exactly as you had it before – nothing changed, nothing lost.

Similarly, Start Tech also offers continuous auditing throughout the life of your equipment, keeping tabs on the efficiency and functionality to ensure minimum downtime through equipment breakages. We also anticipate future requirements for your business as it grows, helping with your budget plans for future purchases, repairs and replacements.

By taking Start Tech’s advice on equipment, you also avoid potential bad investment and in turn prevent the cost of repairing sub-standard products further down the line. As an independent company, Start Tech has no commitment to particular brands. Therefore, you can be confident that we scour the market objectively for the best equipment for your company’s needs.

By choosing Start Tech to supply and maintain your equipment, we take the hassle out of keeping your business communications functioning.

Whatever your requirements, let us take the stress out of staying connected.

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