Web Content Filtering

We can limit access to certain website categories to block security threats and eliminate the risk of endangering your private company data.

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Web Content Filtering is the practice of deciding which content is acceptable for your workforce to view and access online. Using software called DNSFilter, we can limit access to certain website categories to block security threats and eliminate the risk of inappropriate content, stopping end-users from visiting malicious sites and subsequently endangering your private company data.

How does it work?

When applications on your network make domain-name requests, these requests are sent to our servers, where they are matched against threat feeds and your policy settings. If a request is to a malicious/blocked domain, the user is diverted to a restriction page. This ensures that unwanted activity is cut out at the root because the request never makes it to the blocked/infected domain.

Content Filtering

Protecting your company from the dangers of malicious websites.

Safety and Control

Web Content Filtering helps to protect your devices from phishing, malware, ransomware and other security threats that can be catastrophic for any business, no matter its size. You simply choose the categories you’d like to block – in line with your company policy – and we’ll do the rest for you.

Relying on the power of artificial intelligence and a global network, Web Content Filtering ensures your entire organisation is protected from the dangers of online security threats and undesirable content.

Real-Time Insights and Reports

The true reality is that some of the greatest threats to your business come from those working within the organisation itself. For ultimate peace of mind, Web Content Filtering also provides an insight into your network traffic and provides an overview of activity trends to monitor usage and control company liability.

Our Web Content Filtering is the only type that can provide real-time domain analysis, meaning your business benefits from a higher level of protection at all times.

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