A fresh new look to our office

The importance of a modern workplace is essential, not only for the staff but for any visiting clients

We have recently invested in a complete office refurbishment to create a more modern and efficient workspace.

The first step included taking out 2 interior walls to open the floor space to a new office layout.

The new design incorporated open plan workspaces, a breakout area and meeting room.

We also added glass walls and doors to increase natural light and more open feel.

The next step was to freshen up the furniture and décor. Keeping up with modern theme we chose stylish and ergonomic desks and chairs.

The finishing touches we added greenery, artwork and even some memorabilia from our favourite TV and film franchises.

The final step was upgrading our technology and equipment. This included making our work environment flexible.

We set up all the desks with a single cable and dual monitor system, so our team is free to move and work efficiently around the office. This minimal design keeps the desk’s clean and uncluttered.

The refurb has bought significant benefits to us, the new layout has promoted collaboration and communication among the team. The increased natural light and updated décor created a more enjoyable environment.

We haven’t finished, we still have bit more work to do on making this space ours.

Next on the list in kitting out the breakout room, we already have the games console, sofas and artwork, we just need to work out how to get the pool table up the stairs.