Is AI still living up to the hype?

There’s certainly been a lot of hype about AI in the last year. Amongst the headlines have been fears over deep fakes, loss of jobs, cheating students, and an ill-fated Willy Wonka experience that used AI imagery. And can you believe that ChatGPT was only launched 16 months ago?

The one thing we can be certain about when it comes to hype, is that it’ll fade. But what’s going to keep evolving are the business workflows that will incorporate AI.

We have already seen the big rollout of Microsoft’s Copilot, and we will keep seeing business applications being wheeled out that will incorporate AI as a feature, as standard.

According to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2024, just over 20% of technology companies surveyed are aggressively pursuing the integration of AI across a wide variety of technology products and business workflows. The biggest challenges here are AI skills gaps and the cost of integration.

But we’re heading for a future with more AI automations, especially when it comes to data, and workflow evolutions, where some jobs will become redundant, but new ones will open up in a race to become more productive.

Not all tech companies are looking at bringing out AI-integrated technology, but many are exploring ways that AI can help their business run more efficiently.

Managed Service Providers are always keen to implement automation, and AI will accelerate that evolution.

That could be in using AI to analyse customer data to predict buying habits or automating repetitive tasks to improve productivity.

56% of CompTIA’s respondents said they are either experimenting with today’s AI solutions in some way (most likely internally) or they have begun researching and evaluating the tools for potential future adoption.

It’s no different to when the Cloud came in, and MSPs grappled with how their business would use it and sell it.

As the AI hype fades, we’d like to see more smart integrations, applications that address data quality issues, and more ways to police the negative side of AI.

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