Case Study - Genvolt

Genvolt are designers, developers, and manufacturers of a wide range of high voltage power supplies, based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Start Tech has been Genvolt’s trusted IT partner for over 15 years.

Case Studies Genvolt

The Problems

Genvolt had on-premises servers consisting of a File Server, Exchange Server, and Terminal Server at their UK site which held all their company data. This created the risk of being reliant on the single site being available, vulnerable to cyber-attacks and limited collaboration opportunities.

Having an on-premise Exchange Server meant there were open ports to the company network, this was particularly a risk in the recent year with the discovered vulnerabilities in the Microsoft product. There were also no capabilities on their current system for multi-factor authentication when accessing company data.

Remote Access
Genvolt has users spread across the globe by having an on-premises server there was restricted accessibility of company data for users worldwide.

As all data was stored on a local file server, this meant that there was a lack of facilities for external collaboration.

Device Management
A domain controller was the only method of device management available to them. Updates were left to be handled by Windows Update with no enforcement.

The Solution

One of Genvolt’s major concerns was the level of security they had surrounding their data; we created a plan to implement one of our Managed Services packages. This utilises the features of Microsoft 365, creating opportunities to improve collaboration, whilst also increasing the security of the company.

Firstly, we audited their current IT set up to discover any potential issues that might arise from a migration to Microsoft 365. We worked with Genvolt to plan the migration, which included defining a new data structure to ease the transition into Microsoft Teams.

Upon completion of the planning phase, we configured the Microsoft 365 tenant based on industry best practices.

Over the course of a weekend, the migration of all their company files and email data to Microsoft 365 was completed. As it was done over the weekend, there was no downtime for Genvolt, their everyday business practices were not affected.

We also deployed a server in Microsoft Azure to run company Line of Business applications including Sage.

All company devices were enrolled into Microsoft Intune (MDM) and now have central management, meaning policies such as compliance can be enforced, ensuring their devices remain secure.

One of the last steps of the migration was to create conditional access policies, this ensures conditions such as multi-factor authentication and compliance are met before users access company resources.

Once Microsoft 365 was fully adopted within the business, we provided users with training, showing the new features they now have access to and the benefits they offer.

During the migration to Microsoft 365, we deployed multiple services to build up layers of security, these include:

  • Cloud backup for Microsoft 365 & Azure Server
  • Email threat protection, to protect the business from malicious emails.
  • Centralised email signatures, this means that all users have consistent and professional branding on emails across all platforms.
  • Phishing simulation and security awareness training. As the last line of defence, it is vital that all users are educated on phishing email threats, we provide regular training and testing for users on how to identify malicious emails.
  • Zero trust network access, this provides secure remote access to the company’s data and applications, securely connecting users across multiple continents.
  • Web content filtering ensures that Genvolt’s users are protected against any inappropriate and malicious websites.
  • Remote monitoring and patch management. This consistently observes for potential issues, which automatically raises tickets with our Service Desk, and ensures the latest updates are installed to fix any vulnerabilities.


On completion of the onboarding, Genvolt now has a significantly higher level of security and reduced exposure to cyber-attacks.

While the features of Microsoft 365 now offer the ability for users to collaborate comfortably between their locations, increasing productivity across the business.

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