The Importance of a Password Manager

Password Managers are important tools that keep our data and personal information safe online.

Password manager

What is a Password Manager?

A relatively new security innovation, a Password Manager lets you store your login details for your accounts in a secure, encrypted form. Not only do they enable us to keep track of the multiple passwords that we need, but they also help us to avoid common security practices and behaviours such as using weak or common passwords.

Why is a Password Manager so important?

Improve digital security and prevent cyber attacks

Did you know? 81% of data breaches are due to weak passwords.

With cyber-attacks against businesses on the rise, using the same login credentials across multiple accounts is a huge security risk. A Password Manager removes the dangers of re-using weak and potentially damaging passwords by generating random passwords for each of your accounts. With its smart security features, a Password Manager can notify you when you’re using a weak password on an existing account or inform you when one has been compromised and subsequently needs changing.

Collaborate safely and securely

It’s important to ensure your employees have access to the resources and credentials they need without compromising digital security. A Password Manager makes it easy for internal teams to securely access login credentials so all employees are able to obtain the information they need, whenever they need it. Even better, you maintain overarching control over the shared credentials and internal permissions for maximum protection and security.

Better productivity

When employees are disrupted by account lockouts and password reset processes, sadly no work is getting done. A Password Manager eliminates the time spent searching for login details or completing reset forms by operating through a single master password. All your employees need to do is remember one password to unlock them all!

Helpful analytics

A Password Manager provides management visibility into the password practices of their workforce. With the ability to highlight employees who continually use weak passwords, business owners and managers are able to reduce the threat of cyber breaches and maintain compliance standards.

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